Links to worldwide IP websites and legislation

IP Legal Material - a comprehensive website which contains links to websites related to various IP subjects. - The website of the Franklin Pierce Law Center, which specializes in intellectual property. The website contains a lot of useful information on IP and various links to IP related websites.  - A website which contains a lot of links to IP related websites.

Stanford University page on Copyright & Fair Use - A comprehensive website of Stanford University about copyright and fair use with relevant materials and links to websites.
Stanford Technology Law Review - An online magazine of Stanford University on law and technology.
IPR Helpdesk - An informational website funded by the European Commission about IP related issues in the EU. A great starting point for links to worldwide websites on intellectual property.
Findlaw - a comprehensive law portal.
The IPKat - A well regarded IP Blog

IP Organizations and Offices 

WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) - The worldwide organization in charge of IP issues.

European Patent Office related to pending and registered European patents.
European Trademarks and Designs Office (OHIM) - The website of the OHIM which is responsible for the regis
The US Patent and Trademark Office oncerning IP in the US, including databases for patents and trademark searches.
The US Copyright Office - The US office in charge of copyright registration in the US.
The UK Patent Office - The website of the UK Patent Office which includes databases for trademark and patents
INTA (International Trademark Association) - a non-profit association dedicated to advance worldwide trademark rig
AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property) - A non-profit association advancing protection of intellectual property
BSA - The worldwide website of the Business Software Alliance which fights software piracy.

Main international conventions and treaties in the field of intellectual property

PCT - Patent Cooperation Treaty (link to the text in the WIPO website) - A treaty governing international procedures for patent registration.

The European Patent Convention (link to the text in the EPO website) - A treaty governing European Patents.
Paris Convention (link to the text in the WIPO website) - An important treaty which forms the basis for legislation pertaining to protection of industrial property.
Berne Convention (link to the text in the WIPO website) - The most important treaty in the field of copyright.
TRIPS Agreement - The TRIPS (Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) Agreement was signed in 1994 as part of the foundation of the World Trade Organization. This important international agreement sets forth basic principles which govern the protection of intellectual property rights.

US IP Legislation - The Legal Information Institute of the Cornell Law School is one of the most comprehensive websites on US law. It is the ultimate gateway to search for US legislation or case law, including IP related ones. The main US IP legislation is as follows:

The US law relating to patents is Title 35 of the US Code.
The US law relating to trademarks is Chapter 22 in Title 15 of the US Code.
The US law relating to copyright is Title 17 of the US Code.