IAM Patent 1000 2020

A full-service boutique with considerable strength on both the legal and patent attorney sides, Adin Liss Pyernik IP Group continues to cater to clients’ every patent need. With Dan Adin, Eran Liss and Moshe Pyernik as its three pillars, the firm engages in a wide range of activities, including drafting patent applications for the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, defending a key drug in Israeli generic KS Kim International’s portfolio and maintaining its relationship with client Mapi Pharma. Adin is a formidable litigator, with more than 20 years’ experience in the courtroom. His partner Liss is especially good at understanding clients’ needs, given his background working as in-house counsel for an international internet company. Adin and Liss make an unstoppable team when combined: “Strategic, knowledgeable, helpful, attentive and most of all good at what they do, they are excellent lawyers… I have already recommended them to several colleagues.” The duo are also well-known as the authors of Oxford University Press’s Intellectual Property Law and Practice in Israel and are notably keen to share their insights with other leading practitioners. The firm has plenty to shout about on the prosecution side too, with top-notch patent prosecutor Moshe Pyernik garnering rave reviews from his satisfied clients, including one who enthuses: “He does an excellent job of reviewing prior art and office actions, as well as writing clear and thorough opinions. He is simply the best Israeli patent attorney that we’ve used, and we’ve worked with a few.” Another client praises: “Moshe is a highly intelligent attorney, with one of the best understandings of prior art that I know of. He is thorough and careful when drafting and has the utmost integrity – he always puts the client’s interests first.”