Links to Israeli IP websites and legislation

Relevant Israeli Websites

The Israeli Patents, Design and Trademarks Office - A rather user-friendly website which includes basic explanations as well as relevant legislation in the field of IP. It is the only electronic database for decisions of the Patents and Trademarks Registrar in legal proceedings heard before the Patent Office on trademark and patent issues. The website also consists of a database of Israeli trademark applications and registrations.
Acum - A non-profit organization which administers the IP rights of creators and collects royalties on their behalf.
IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) Israel - An organization which represents Israeli record companies and administers their rights.
Haifa Center of Law & Technology - The website of the Center of Law & Technology in the Haifa University, which is the leading academic center in Israel in the field of intellectual property.
New Tone - An office specializing in patent searches