Guide for filing national phase patent applications in Israel

The Isreeli PTO accepts electronic filing of patent applications online. The filing must be made either directly the applicant (if it is a local applicant) or by a local patent attorney or lawyer. 

The documents required for filing a national phase PCT application in Israel are as follows:

(A) Copy of the published international application (including drawings and the cover page) in English, including any amendments made during the international phase.
(B) If the application and/or any amendments thereto are in a non-English language, a certified translation is required. A non-legalized certification by the translator shall suffice.
(C) Power of attorney executed by an authorized officer of the applicant. No legalization or notarization is required.
(D) Copy of the International Search Report and, if applicable, the International Preliminary Examination Report.

While it is best to file the entire material together with the application, only items A and B must be submitted at the time of the filing of the application. The rest of the documents can be filed later. 
If you want to proceed with filing an application, contact us and we will be happy to assist you