Guide to filing a trademark application in Israel

The Israeli Patent and Trademark Office accepts electronic filing of trademark application. The filing must be made either by the Applicant directly (if it is a local Applicant) or by a local lawyer or patent attorney.

In order to file a new trademark application in Israel, the applicant must provide its representative with the following:

(1) Precise information on the mark. if the mark is a logo, the logo must be filed electronically in either a JPG/JPEG/GIF format.
(2) The list of goods and/or services for which the mark is intended, and their classification under the Nice Agreement.
(3) The address and state of incorporation of the applicant.
(4) A power of attorney executed by an authorized representative of the applicant. There is no need for notarization or legalization of the power of attorney. In addition, the power of attorney may be filed subsequent to the filing of the application.

Before filing an application, it is possible (and recommended) to conduct an official trademark search for revealing conflicting applications or registrations. The Trademark Office conducts the search in its databases. We analyze the search results, report and recommend an appropriate course of action in accordance with the search results.

If you wish to proceed with filing a trademark application or conducting a search, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.